Motivational Speaking


ยท Francesca was nominated for the UK's Motivator Of The Year Award in 2005. This award recognizes an individual who is an outstanding achiever in a sport, business, entertainment or charity capacity. She was nominated alongside Olympic Gold Medallist, Matthew Pincent, and Sir Bob Geldof.

Using her award-winning humour, Francesca has given many inspirational speeches in the UK and abroad. She talks passionately about facing your fears and the profound power of positive thinking, gaining the right perspective and questioning society's values. Francesca shares insights into defying expectations, winning against the odds and overcoming physical and psychological barriers

Francesca truly believes that we all have to learn the same life lessons and this means her speeches are universally powerful. Francesca defines herself by what she can do and not by what she can't do - this is what makes her a moving, uplifting and unforgettable speaker.

Whether through stand-up comedy, motivational speaking or after-dinner speaking, Francesca communicates an inspiring message. Francesca has given many motivational speeches to schools, colleges, companies, charities, celebrities, dinner guests and as part of her role as a London 2012 Olympic Ambassador. She spoken at events with Heather McCartney, Roy Keane and Irish PM, Bertie Aherne.

Francesca loves audiences of any age and with her comedy skills, she is the perfect performer to entertain, inspire and motivate.